Discover The Secret To Becoming

Leader Of The Pack... Month After Month


Dear Sales Professionals,

Congratulations! You’re closing deals. Making sales. Bringing home a good paycheck. Doing well…

Unlike the newbies…who are…

Wet Behind the ears. Without a clue. Barely getting by. Ready to throw in the towel and be forced to work a dreaded 9:00 to 5:00 job…missing out on their chance at…



If you are anything like the tens of thousands of serious sales professionals I have trained over the last 35 years, you are looking to:

$   Make more money by closing sale after sale.

$   Gain the prestige that comes with shattering every sales record at your company…making co-workers wonder how you do it.

$   And earn the respect of your peers…by being known as the “go-to” guy that always gets the job done…no matter what!

You are not complacent with being in the middle of the pack of even number 2. You only have one goal in the forefront of your mind…

Becoming Number 1

While Leaving Everyone Else In the Dust………………………


And you will. Ohhhh will you ever….

Because when you keep reading this letter, you will uncover the one critical thing that is holding you back.

You will unlock the door to getting YESes in all your communication…allowing you to covertly slip inside the mind of your prospect

Making Your Words More Powerful

Than You Ever Thought Possible


Hello, my name is Kenrick Cleveland…


When I was just 18 years old (and already 3 years into my sales career), I made a discovery that would change the course of my life…


Transforming my success from just squeaking by, selling gym memberships, to holding the record for the most gym memberships sold in the United States (totaling over $72,000 in fees for a single month).

But…let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

Because what you really need to understand…is how I was able to make such a huge leap in such a very short period of time.


Pay close attention...

Since what I am about to reveal might be a little startling…and even go against everything you currently believe…but once you understand this…

Your Life Will Change For The Better

New doors will open. You will gain the Keys to Yes in all your communication… ultimately leading you to a life of unlimited possibilities.

Ok. Here it is.

Starting at a young age, we are raised to believe we are logical beings…who make the best decisions based solely on logic alone. And when we let our emotions take control…stepping in to play that key role in our decision making process…we make poor choices.

French mathematician and philosopher, Descartes, summed it up best:

I think, therefore I am”

In other words…

Logic → Good. Emotion → Bad.

And those who live by reason, logic and rational alone…

Are what I call…


You use skills and strategies at work, as well as in your personal life, that appeal only to the conscious mind…the logic center. And when that fails, you try and back your prospect into a corner, forcing them to say YES! (What traditional sales trainings refer to as “closing”.)

And with your status as a “Logical Communicator”, you are constantly trying to climb a steep hill…

  You throw as much shit against the wall as possible and see what sticks…as if you were testing a pot of spaghetti.

  You cannot count on constantly receiving YES after YES from your prospects…causing frustration when trying to determine which sales’ techniques and strategies you use…actually work.

  You leave people feeling like they had a run in with a used car salesman…and need to wash the dirt off their body.

  And the many other challenges you face on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder the Logical Communicator has trouble achieving consistent results. They are in a never-ending battle…trying to push a big boulder up that steep hill. And as soon as they believe progress has been made…SPLAT! They are back at the bottom of the hill…to start all over, once again.

What the Logical Communicator needs to understand is…

“Every second, our senses are taking in over 11 million bits of information. Butour conscious mind can only process 11 of those bits per second. That meansthe rest is being processed out of our awareness.”

Dr. A.K. Pradeep, “The Buying Brain”


You must be thinking…

Where does the rest of the 99% of information go?

To Our True Decision Maker:



Our unconscious is responsible for almost everything we do…with one expectation - reasoning. But our reasoning is affected by our feelings, emotions and past memories…our unconscious. And trying to reason without those feelings, emotions and past memories is IMPOSSIBLE!

Those who accept this important idea…know it is not our conscious mind (our logic center) but our unconscious mind (our emotions and values) that play the key role in our decision making process. I call these people, as well as, myself and my students



Most of us would like to believe…we are in full control of our decisions and take offense to people stating otherwise…

  “You’re being too emotional.”

  “Stop letting your emotions cloud your judgment.”

  “Your emotions are getting the better of you.”

But the undeniable truth is…

Our unconscious mind plays a far bigger role than we would like to admit. It’s there working behind the scenes…making decisions every second of the day...whether it’s as simple as being happy, tired, bored, hungry (etc.) or selecting which car is the better choice to buy. Only then, does our body follow through with a physical (conscious) act, letting us know a decision has been made.

We First Make An Emotional Decisions

And Only Then Justify It With Logic


And…when you recognize this truth, you can move forward from being a Logical Communicator and become a YES STRATEGIST.

You can target your messages directly to your prospect’s unconscious mind – their true decision maker.

You see...

I struggled, like most, when I first started my sales career. I had been taught from birth to communicate ineffectively – to the conscious mind.

Yes, I made some sales but…I couldn't consistently get people to say YES with my messages. My manger’s advice was to use the script and make sure I was hitting all the “HOT BUTTONS”. But when I asked him how to find these “Hot BUTTONS”…he just couldn’t give me a straight answer.


I read all the books and took all the sales’ training courses I could. I learned “trick” after “trick” to back anyone into a corner and force them to say YES…using “101” different closing techniques.

Yes...I started to make more sales.

Yes...I was making more money.

But…I knew deep inside that no matter how many “tricks” I learned, there had to be a better way to target my messages for each individual prospect...and make them deeply desire what I had to offer.

I Found The Answer In

The Most Unlikely Of Places


Long Story Short.


Besides selling… I have a passion for hypnosis.

And I was told that an amazing hypnotist was giving a seminar in town - Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

NLP was an emerging technology that studied how our mind (both conscious and unconscious) and language affects our body and behavior.

What I discovered…blew me away!

It was here that...


I found the “missing piece” that would transform my life and yours.

I could produce a change from deep inside someone…and fast…using language that speaks directly to the unconscious mind.






Over the next several decades, I trained with the co-founders of NLP and became a NLP trainer directly under Richard Bandler.


And…I even took it a step further when I started to translate my knowledge of NLP from its developed therapeutic setting into business applications.


I continued on to create the NLP Business Practitioner course and the Business Master Practitioner course. I was the only person in the world authorized to teach and certify students in these courses with the approval of Richard Bandler and the International Society of NLP.


It was during this time, my sales ability took off.


I went from the frustrations of a Logical Communicator to endless possibilities as a

YES STRATEGIST....who could target messages with pin-point accuracy for every prospect I encountered.


I was unstoppable.


Nothing could touch me. Not even gravity. I was flying so high.


Not my co-workers or manger could understand my transformation.


From the outside - looking in...


It must have seemed as if I was working miracles…having made a deal with the devil himself.


If only they knew how easy it really is.


I went from…low man on the totem pole to…top dog in a blink of an eye. And… within a few short months, I took over as the gym’s sales manager. A few months later...I found myself responsible for training and running several additional gyms…breaking sales record after sales record for each and every one.


Since that time - over 30 years ago...


I have spent my life refining and teaching these skills to allow you to quickly and easily incorporate them into your life and… GET YESES ALL DAY LONG


To help you, like my tens of thousands of students before, climb to the top of your profession.


And…they all started by...

Understanding that…Logical Communicators fail by only appealing to the conscious mind where by...YES STRATEGISTS know that people really make decisions first on an unconscious level (emotions, values and beliefs) and then… back them up with logic.


And when you start to accept these basic principles for communicating with the unconscious will possess...




Kenrick E. Cleveland is the best. The most timely, practical and powerful information on influence I’ve ever heard!”

Robert Allen, Author of Nothing Down for the 90′s:

How to Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down;

Multiple Streams of Income


Learn to use these techniques or be prepared to have them

used on you! Look at it this way: if your competitors are involved

with Kenrick’s material, and you’re not, you had better have

eyes in the back of your head. Learn to use these techniques,

or be prepared to have them used on you!”

Mark Joyner, Author of: “1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactic”


enduring, effective and masterful techniques of

persuasion and influence that have ever been taught.

Jay Abraham, Marketing expert and author of:

“Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”


"Kenrick's material is rock solid. The skills and cutting-edge tactics he teaches for getting a "YES!" are first rate. He methods and teaching style make persuasion fun and ridiculously effective! If you are looking to fast-track your career or get more people to say

"yes"; you need to learn what he's teaching."

Tom O’Connor





The Keys To Yes - the only program of its kind that will transform you from the struggles of a Logical Communicator to a YES STRATEGIST…who knows that success is achieved through communication with the unconscious mind.


The Keys To Yes consist of...


$   3 audio lessons (totaling 2 hours and 50 minutes) covering the 5 Keys to becoming a YES STRATEGIST

$   Transcripts

$   Access to the private YES STRATEGIST group where you can receive answers to all your questions from myself and other group members

$   3 state of the art unconscious learning sessions that will help you integrate these learnings (lessons) into your daily communications

If you have never experienced one of my learning sessions...
ready to be blown away.)


What Is A Unconscious Learning Session?

Using advanced audio technology, each learning session places your brain waves into a "Theta" state where you learn the fastest...helping to turn the material from a conscious process into unconscious results. It’s truly Amazing!

All you need to do the audio session onto your mp3 player, put on your headphones, and sit back and relax.

“The learning sessions are phenomenal...”

James Purvis (Sales Professionals) Los Angeles, CA



Here are Just a Few of the Things You Will Discover when You Invest in the Keys To Yes:


*         You’ve been misinformed and it’s costing you big time! Uncover the secret neuroscientist discovered on how we really make our buying decisions...and it’s the exact opposite of what most people have been lead to believe.


*         Why you are selling to the wrong person. (Hint: It’s not what you think!) Fixing this common mistake will lead to unlimited possibilities when it comes to receiving YESes.


*         How a struggling salesperson went from being almost homeless to holding the record for most gym memberships sold in a single month...all in less than a year’s time. (This one tip will change the way you get YESes in any given situation.)


*         How much money are you leaving on the table? Since most traditional sales training programs set you up to miss out on over 76% of your possible revenue…and the simple solution for recouping all of your future losses by applying one easy strategy.


*         All messages are not created equal. Understand what really controls if your messages fall on deaf ears or if it hits the bulls-eye and gets the YES.


*         If you use these three things in your messages, your prospects will beg to do business with you and…not the other way around.


*         Discover the 5 keys that unlock the minds of others. (Please use these responsible since you will wield the power to take over someone’s mind.)


*         How to control someone’s point of view by making subtle shifts in your language. (This one strategy, I have seen change the lives of my students by giving them a huge advantage over their competitors.)


*         Do you still believe the lie that sales is just a numbers game? Could it be that other sales training programs want you to believe this…because they really don’t know how to consistently get a YES from someone? Learn the truth inside the KEYS TO YES!


*         This is the killer and destroyer of sales (and YESes)...once you understand how to eliminate it, you will have the upper-hand in your interactions with others.


*         How to never go into a sales situation and be placed in a one down position...ultimately allowing you to control the conversation right into your bank account.


*         Do you want to know the secret to reaching all your goals? This one easy exercise…which will take you less than a minute a day…will train your unconscious mind to constantly be on your side, guiding you to success. (After I discovered and put this principal into practice, I had peace of mind knowing…the full power of my mind was working for me and not against me.)


*         Without trust between you and your prospect, the chances of getting a YES are seriously diminished. Discover a step by step method to instantly gain trust with almost anyone. (I say almost anyone because if the person is dead set against it, there is hardly anything you can do to achieve a high level of trust.)


*         How valuable would it be to have people follow your every word...allowing you to lead them right to YES? When you add this skill to your toolkit, you will easily be able to covertly move people to your line of thinking.


*         Why creating a powerful bond with someone can actually derail your chances of getting to YES. If you are not aware of this, it can sabotage all of your efforts and cause you to lose the sale.


*         The simple solution to get your prospect back on the same page as you...if you notice them drifting in the wrong direction. This one tactic has put more sales back on course for me and my students than any other.


*         How to tune into your prospect’s wants and desires by using your tone.


*         Why you should never have to “close”. (If you think closing is where sales happen, you need to click the “add to cart” button NOW and buy KEYS TO YES. Because I guarantee this information will increase your YESes by 10x...or your money back!)


*         Uncover the answer to getting your prospect to give you the exact information you need from them to get a YES (a.k.a. their hot buttons)...then discover my simple process that will allow you to aim your messages directly at the prospect’s bulls-eye!


*         Attention: people who still sell by stating features and benefits...STOP. Now START aiming your messages correctly so that your prospect melts from your every word. (The power of this skill will blow you away. It is responsible for making hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue for my students and...once you start using it, you will know why.)


*         Discover the formula for getting your prospect to reveal everything you need to know to make the sale. When you master this simple “questioning” process, you will know with pin-point accuracy how to aim your messages.


*         People are motivated by two things: (1) moving away from pain or (2) moving towards pleasure...and once you know what words to use to position your product/solution/ message to move your prospect in one direction or another…you will get a YES.


*         How to use your language to slip messages right into the minds of your listeners... allowing you to covertly bypass all resistance, increase your credibility and become a person of conviction. (Yes, this is an extremely powerful language pattern based on how we structure our beliefs.)


*         And much, much more!



With everything we have included in this introductory program, you would think the price tag would be way over $249. Just the life time access to the private YES STRATEGIST™ group where you will get all your questions answered by me or other members, would normally cost over $500. And…for a one on one consultation I charge $497 per half hour.


In the past, when I was a guest speaker at the famous Jay Abraham seminars where attendees paid over $10,000 for 3 day event...I was consistently rated the #1 speaker. After my presentations the attendees would line up for hours to pick my brain.



“You hold the key to sales success undreamed

of by most sales people” – Jay Abraham*


*Forbes called Jay “the Real Thing”

And listed him as one of the Top Executive Coaches in the U.S.



Only now…


You can receive my tried, true and tested skills and strategies (which work in any industry) and will unlock the doors to unlimited possibilities...for next to nothing.


Not to mention the bonuses I am going to throw-in...which would cost more than the program itself if…you purchased them separately.


But, this offer will only be available for a limited-time.


Why am I making you this incredibly offer?


Because this is a brand new program and…I am looking for success stories from sales professionals like you who have set goals for themselves and…are looking to breakthrough to the next level of their careers.


All I ask is…when you gain success from using the skills and strategies inside the Keys To Yes, you don’t keep it to yourself (as your personal secret weapon), but send us a testimonial on how quickly you were able to reach the next level or your career and what it has meant for you and your family.


And Don’t Forget The Exclusive Bonus Package…


I have put together an exclusive list of bonuses just for you…containing a real word value of $217. All of which will help you reach your goal of receiving more YESes in your communication...faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


But…don’t buy the Keys To Yes just because of the great deal

I have put together for you. Buy it because you want to push forward in your career and discover the secrets to becoming a YES STRATEGIST™


And…what you will learn inside the Keys To Yes …when you click the “add to cart” button below today…will GUARANTEE you get there.



Core Beliefs of a YES STRATEGIST (KCBIP Edition #13) ($129 Value):

Inside this 1 hour 45 minute lesson I created for Kenrick Cleveland’s Breakthroughs in Persuasion (KCBIP), I not only give my 11 core beliefs that when adopted will supercharge your ability to receive YESes but...

I also give you a simple process to try them on and make them your own.

This lesson is a must have for anyone who wants their words and actions to move others forward...and get the YES.


And now for a limited-time you will receive it FREE when you sign-up for the Keys To Yes today.


Includes...the lesson, unconscious learning session, and transcripts...a $129 Value. ABSOLUTELY FREE.



Unconscious Learning Session on Confidence - ($39 Value):


Do you have the confidence to break free from the pack and be the top dog? When we surveyed 547 sales professionals in different industries who were all at different stages of their career…the theme of confidence popped up over and over again.


And, any YES STRATEGIST knows…if you don’t master your inner game...being confident in yourself and your abilities, you will never reach the pinnacle of your success.


So…to help my students blow past the barriers that are holding them back, I created an advanced Unconscious Learning Session on Confidence just for you.


All you need to do is…load up the mp3 player, put on your headphones and sit back and relax…as you will start to go deeper and deeper into a Theta (the learning) state, I will work with your unconscious mind to install all the confidence you need to reach your goals and become break free from of the pack.


These unconscious learning sessions have played a key role in my students, as well as, my own success...and will be a key to mastering your inner-self.


Interview with Mark Joyner on Framing, for his best-selling book Mind Control Marketing ($49 Value):


When first released, Mind Control Marketing by Mark Joyner (an early pioneer of Internet Marketing) became an instant cult classic.

But…because of the powerful tactics revealed inside the book, it was pulled from the shelves...not allowing people to use the information for evil.


Several years later, Mark decided to re-release the book to the public…giving it even more power. He assembled a panel of experts to dig deeper into each main tactic…


I was asked to speak with him on the power of Frames and utilizing Framing to get a YES.


This rare interview compliments one of the most important lessons inside the Keys To Yes


When you apply the information revealed…to your selling career…you will be blown away with how much easier it is to get to YES...and wish you had discovered it years ago!


Start Today:





When you click the “add to cart” button today, you might expect to spend well over $249 for all the information included inside my brand new program…the Keys To Yes…not to mention…the additional bonuses added just for you.


You will be receive the almost 3 hours of audio training…plus transcripts …that will uncover the secrets to leaving behind your “Logical Communicator” self and transforming into a YES STRATEGIST…who’s words are more powerful…who consistently receives YESes in all their communication and…who has a world of unlimited possibilities in their future.


And with the 3 unconscious learning sessions ($117 value), you will be able to integrate these skills into your everyday life…more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.


Not to mention…access to the Keys To Yes private group (Priceless)...where myself and other group members can answer all your questions…guaranteeing your complete success with these skills and strategies.



When you add in the 3 additional bonuses ($217 Value)...that I have included, you will be able to easily and confidently integrate the skill and strategies I teach into your everyday life...


Your ability to receive YESes will only be limited by the number of people you speak to.


How much is this information worth to you?


How much more money will you tuck away (in your bank account) each and every month when you can double your sales?


You would probably expect to pay upwards of $100? $200? $500? for this information.


And let me tell you…it would be well worth it!


But, I am making you a very special offer for two reasons:


This is a brand new program and I want to get your feedback. Also, I am looking for case studies from new students who will take action with the skills I teach inside the Keys To Yes and…see their sales soar. I only ask that you send me feedback on the course and the results you achieve when you uncover the secrets to receiving YESes in all your communication.


The second reason is completely selfish...


Just think of this program as…a little taste of the amazing results you can achieve when you start on your path from Logical Communicator to YES STRATEGIST and get hooked for more.


8 out of 10 new students become life-long subscribers of my work and products. I know that once you start using these skills, you will be itching for more...and with all the extra income you produce for you and your will crave additional training from me.



I am willing to make you an irresistible offer and forgo any profits on the sale of the

Keys To Yes. But…


Only for a limited-time...



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Full Year, 100% Money Back, No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is your absolute satisfaction. With our 1 Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you take zero risk when you order the Keys To Yes today. If for any reason you don’t find the information inside the Keys To Yes everything we promised it to be, just ask for a 100% no questions asked refund - through submitting a ticket at or calling our customer service line at 786-522-1172.


But remember...

This is a very limited-time offer. If you don’t act fast and click the “add to cart” button take the risk of this substantial price reduction and additional bonuses (real world value of $217) disappearing.

And not to mention...

Being able to get YESes in all your communication – when you learn to banish the frustrations of a Logical Communicator and embrace the world of endless possibilities as you start on your path as a YES STRATEGIST.

But don’t just take my word on it…

Ask my thousands of students before you:


These concepts of persuasion are great. I've taken tons

of sales training, and even conducted a fair amount myself,

but none of it has been as good as what Kenrick teaches.

Way beyond anything else I've experienced.

David, Technology Training, Chicago


Best resource out there...

As far as learning the art of communication and persuasion,

Kenrick is by far the best resource out there. I have studied under

a lot of other people in the same field but none of same caliber

as Kenrick. I can give all my recommendations

of his coursers and seminars...:)

Ole Martin, Health care (psychiatry) Drammen, Norway


Enjoy more money...

Before you painfully waste money, on another scripted self-help course, begin to feel more confident, and enjoy more money, by hearing Yes after Yes, throughout your life, using Kenrick as your live, smoothly street-smart, Persuasion master guide !!!

Rafael, Real Estate Broker - Chicago


By far, the best I've ever found...

For years I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands

of hours striving to learn the most effective methods

of persuasion. Kenrick's material is, by far, the best I've

ever found. Everything else pales in comparison. Not only

does he provide the most powerful tools but the means

to install them into my behavior.

John W. Home alarm systems, Boise

Listen and apply the lessons and results will come...

It's just simply the way to improve your influence and

persuasion skills and put more money in your pocket by helping other people. Period. Using the skills I've learned in Kenrick's programs I have developed my business to a place where I'm congruently charging $5000, $10,000, even $25,000 for coaching contracts where my peers are struggling over $150 an hour. Listen and apply the lessons and results will come. Thank you, Kenrick!!

Jay, Public Speaker - Huntington Beach, CA


A whole new level of understanding and success...

I've taken many quality sales courses and I have over

30 years of experience selling big-ticket, non-tangible

marketing consulting services to high level executives.

I also have an B.B.A. in Marketing and an M.A. in

Communication with a concentration in rhetoric and

persuasion. So, I thought I knew a lot about persuasion

and influence. Yet, Kenrick Cleveland's insights and teaching

style led me to a whole new level of understanding and

success. I highly and heartily recommend that anyone who is interested in persuasion and influence to learn from Kenrick.

Steven Ethridge, Cordova, TN


My buyers now just tell me what they want...

I can't believe how much I have attempted to sell something by blabbing on about everything the product can do with features

and benefits. Why go to all the extra effort when my buyers now

just tell me what they want? I am starting to identify my

purchasing customers faster! This is the most honest sales

approach I have ever seen!

Josh, Wholesale B2B phone sales, Vancouver Canada



PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail…however the material will be immediately available for you to download so you can get started on your path to receiving YESes in all your communication. Reproduction, selling and profiting from of this material is strictly prohibited. Please read your terms of service agreement for more information.

A Fast Recap...


For a limited-time…when you click the “add to cart” button and sign-up for the Keys To Yes for only $59, you will GAIN INSTANT ACCESS TO THE FULL PROGRAM including: almost 3 hours of Yes Strategies, transcripts, access to the private forum and the $217 in additional bonuses (that will help you integrate the skills and strategies in no time flat).

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P.S. I look forward to meeting with you in the private Keys To Yes forum.


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